About us

The idea

gorfproof was founded by five Swedish entrepreneurs. The idea is to help companies protect themselves from counterfeiting and thus contribute to maintaining and increasing the value of the customer brand.

If you want to learn more about how your company can benefit from the gorfproof tool, please use the contact area to get in touch.

Our offer

gorfproof offers a powerful tool (patent pending) to validate the originality of a product. It’s designed to protect owners of valuable brands and/or products from counterfeit and pirate copies.

Using a smartphone (or camera/computer) it is easy to check and validate a product in real time at any stage in the distribution chain. From when it leaves the production line to the point of sale.

The concept is based on a multiple factor authentication and a safe database service. Users can easily access the database to verify a product and also receive other useable information about the product. A product can only be validated with the same code once for originality, thus preventing pirate copies from using the same references and codes.


To provide the world with reliable authenticity control.

The Team

Administration provided by Campaff AB, Box 113, 532 22 Skara, admin@gorfproof.com

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